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    Genetic Counseling and Genetic Screening
    for Breast, Ovarian and Colorectal Cancer.

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Dr. Kowalski's research interests included the genetics of uterine cancer and a rare form of ovarian cancer called primary peritoneal cancer. More Info

Meet Dr. Lynn D. Kowalski,
M.D., Facog, Facs

Dr. Wishnev is one of the only surgeons in the state currently performing anorectal ultrasound for rectal cancer and fecal incontinence. More Info

Meet Dr. Stephanie A. Wishnev,
M.D., Fascrs, Facs

Focusing in the care and protection of your colon and rectal health, Dr. Zhang is committed in delivering the highest quality in comprehensive specialty care.
More Info

Meet Dr. Ren yu Zhang,

We share a common philosophy of comprehensive care for a broad range of surgical and cancer related problems with a compassionate touch.

We treat gynecologic cancers including Ovarian, Cervical, Endometrial, Vulvar, and Vaginal cancers. We also specialize in the surgical treatment of endometriosis, fibroids, and complex gynecologic conditions. We are the regional leader in gynecologic robotic surgery, and specialize in minimally invasive approaches to a wide variety of gynecologic conditions.

We treat diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus including colon cancer, rectal cancer, and anal cancer, as well as diverticulitis and inflammatory bowel disease. Our focus on minimally invasive surgery includes laparoscopic surgery for a variety of colorectal diseases. We also treat anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and incontinence.

Dr. Kowalski performs 1000th Robotic Case VISIT THE DoctorKTV YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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